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Sarah Beth is scared to death

November 17th, 2009 (07:47 pm)

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So I just have to get some stuff out there, I don't actually expect anybody to read this, but that's ok.

My mom called this morning, she lives in Florida with my baby sister, Ashleigh. Apparently Ashleigh has had a lump in her breast for a long time, but she's not said anything about it. Last night, Monday, it started hurting her so bad she couldn't breathe. My mom took her to the hospital, and they did an ultrasound on it. The technician said that he couldn't see anything on the ultrasound, but he could feel it, and it definitely wasn't just an enlarged milk gland; it was irregular and rough. He told them that she needed to get a mammogram today.

They had the mammogram all set up today, but at the last moment, they called and said that her insurance wouldn't cover it; a 17 year old girl doesn't need a mammogram. They had to jump through a million hoops, but they finally got it covered and went in to get it done.

Now we're just waiting to hear the results, which could take who knows how long. All the odds are in her favor that it's benign: She's only 17, she's a B cup, and there's no family history of cancer on my mom's side (we don't know anything about the paternal side). But it's still scary. I've been playing the 'what if' game all day, crying off and on. It's been rough.